Monthly Archives: August 2013

Cindy & Drew on Hulu

I’d post “America, fuck yeah” under Drew but I suspect Cindy also does NOT like cussing.

Side note: It’s kind of satisfying to use all-caps for “not”, thanks Cindy!




A Test of Patience

I don’t like to be rude to proselytisers even though I don’t approve of what they do. But the really persistent ones do try my nerves an awful lot.

I took my headphones off for this shit. REGRET.

On the upside, when I put them back in, this came on.

Growth Of A Kind

I really hate the idea that those people who told me “you’ll change your mind” when I told them I didn’t ever want to be a mother might be right.

Even if they are right, they are also assholes.